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Drafting Services MelbourneLooking for a Draftsman in Melbourne RFT Solutions will provide drafting services for home extensions, new homes, developments and includes all permits, building cost estimates, builders quotes & all other necessary consultants including soil testing, land survey, structural/civil engineer, energy assessment, landscaping, etc.

The intention of our Drafting service is to create a design that surpasses your expectations, is within your budget and provides the necessary detailed documentation to obtain detailed builders quotes at tender stage.

Our Drafting Service Benefits

  1. BUILDER’S QUOTES WITHIN BUDGET We monitor your budget during the design stage. One of the most common problems in the building industry is that an architect or draftsman may design plans without sufficient knowledge of current building costs. You love the design but then receive builder’s quotes that far exceed your budget!

    RFT Solutions provides building cost estimates from an estimator at the end of the Concept design stage. This allows us to verify what the existing market rate is for building costs. We can then make changes if required or continue on to planning or working drawings.

  2. NO COSTLY VARIATIONS The aim of producing detailed documentation is to tell builders what they are to quote. If it is not in the documentation then it won’t be included in their quote. Subsequently, after you have signed with the builder, you can receive expensive variations.

    There is typical documentation that is often not included by some drafting services and builders. Our Melbourne drafting service includes this documentation thereby reducing costly variations on your house extension or renovation.

  3. PEACE OF MIND We work with you from the beginning of your project to the completion of your beautiful home. The RFT Solutions process is intended to remove the stress and reduce the cost of acquiring the necessary detailed documentation that will make it easier to choose your builder. The next step is to obtain 3 or more quotes from quality builders.



Our commitment to offering clients with complete transparency and support at every stage reflects in our streamlined process. Have a look.

Melbourne Drafting Services Process

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