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Architect vs draftsman for home extensions

Do You Need An Architect Or Draftsman?

If you’re looking to get some serious home extensions or renovations done or even building from the ground up, you’re going to need assistance with building designs, council permits and more. So who are you going to call, an architect or draftsman? To help you make the right call, here’s the ‘draftsman vs architect’ run-down: 1. Training … Read More Do You Need An Architect Or Draftsman? >>

old home renovation ideas

Renovating old homes from the 1960s

It goes without saying that everyone’s tastes are different. But when it comes to the place you want to call home, people who prefer an older dwelling over a shiny new one are normally of a particular nature: romantic, nostalgic, true individuals – and probably already full of renovation ideas for old homes. But beyond … Read More Renovating old homes from the 1960s >>

Building Code of Australia

Building Code of Australia

The Building Code of Australia Australian Standard AS1657 The revised Australian Standard AS1657 for fixed ladders plugs some serious holes. Guard rails made of rubber, for example, are now explicitly unacceptable. While absurd, rubber guard rails technically complied with the 21-year-old AS1657 and the example shows just how sorely an update was needed. Changes to … Read More Building Code of Australia >>

building costs

Building Costs

Building Costs Contingency Budget Establishing a budget is one of the first steps in planning a successful construction project. Setting a plan for where to spend the money (building costs), and budgeting for all the work takes experience, attention to detail and a detailed project scope. However, there are often times where additional work, unknown … Read More Building Costs >>

house construction

The Stages of House Construction

House Construction Stages When you build a house, extend or renovate your home you sign a building contract (approved by the Housing Industry Association) with the builder. Once the builder has given you a domestic building insurance policy and certificate of currency for your property you pay the deposit to the builder. Once house construction begins … Read More The Stages of House Construction >>

building process

The Building Process

The Building Process for Major Renovations or New Buildings A step-by-step guide to the building process when undertaking a major renovation or building a new home in Melbourne. Building a new house, home extension or renovation is a huge undertaking – financially and emotionally. It’s essential to understand the various stages involved in the process. … Read More The Building Process >>

planning permits

Plans & Planning Permits

Planning Permit Information To turn your initial ideas into workable designs, you basically have two options to choose from. First is design, second is a construct builder that can provide you with plans, a planning permit, a soil report as well as the construction of their services to you. While the designs are not necessarily … Read More Plans & Planning Permits >>

working drawings

Working Drawings

What are Working Drawings? Working drawings contain the final details of your new extension or renovation. They are the documents provided to builders to quote on and used to obtain a building permit. They should include floor plans, elevations and perspectives and may also include details about the materials to be used in your project, … Read More Working Drawings >>

building surveyor

Building Surveyors Role

Reasons to Engage a Building Surveyor A Building Surveyor has the statutory authority to issue building permits and to administer the Building Regulations, under the Victorian Building Act. They can be employed privately as well as by your local council. They work in the interest of the homeowner and the community, ensuring all plans comply … Read More Building Surveyors Role >>