How can RFT Solutions assist me to ensure professional quality and lower building costs when choosing and managing building professionals?

All building professionals charge for their services – architects and draftsman, soil engineers, structural engineers, builders. RFT Solutions ensures that you have access to the best quality building professionals. RFT Solutions handles the important tendering process to secure for you building professionals who will provide quality workmanship that will fit within your budget.

RFT Solutions will reduce your home extension costs or house renovation building costs. RFT Solutions will work with a builder who will make suggestions regarding design and materials so that construction costs will not exceed your budget.

At RFT Solutions we check builders’ registration and references to offer our clients the opportunity to select an experienced professional based on the best combination of quality, price and availability.

If required, RFT Solutions can negotiate with building professionals at all stages of the building process, to protect your best interests.

We help you to protect your investment by negotiating the building contract with the builder on any issues concerning contractual inclusions and exclusions, special conditions, the length of time required to finish your new home or house extension, and the staging of payments to the builder.