How do I know if I will need a Town Planning Permit?

Before hiring an architect or draftsman to draw up plans, town planning issues need to be considered as they may affect the design you are considering. You may need to engage a professional town planner (if your architect or draftsperson is not performing this role) to obtain a planning permit. A planning permit can sometimes add thousands of dollars to home extension costs but generally, home and house renovations do not need a planning permit.

A planning permit could be necessary to address issues such as building height, overlooking neighbours property, infringement of neighbour’s amenity, the amount of open space on your land, and planning overlays such as a heritage overlay.

This process of obtaining a planning permit can easily take 12 months!! You need to establish which town planner at your council that you will be working with and organize a pre-application meeting. The planning permit is simply an acceptance of a design. You will still need working drawings and a building permit before construction commences.