Plans & Planning Permits

To turn your initial ideas into workable designs, you basically have two options to choose from. A design & construct builder can provide you with plans, permits, a soil report as well as construction in their services to you. While the designs are not necessarily ‘architecturally creative’ their prices are generally the lowest. On the … Read More Plans & Planning Permits >>

The Building Process Blog

Building a new home, house extension or renovation is a huge undertaking – financially and emotionally. It’s essential to understand the various stages involved in the process. Stage 1 You need to decide whether to use an architect or draftsperson or a design and construct building company for your Design Drawings. These drawings will probably … Read More The Building Process Blog >>

Working Drawings blog

The working drawings contain the final details of your new extension or renovation. They are the documents provided to builders to quote on and used to obtain a building permit. They should include floor plans, elevations and perspectives and may also include details about the materials to be used in your project, including particulars on … Read More Working Drawings blog >>

Building Surveyors Role

A Building Surveyor has the statutory authority to issue building permits and to administer the Building Regulations, under the Victorian Building Act. They can be employed privately as well as by your local council. They work in the interest of the homeowner and the community, ensuring all plans comply with the Building Regulations and Australian … Read More Building Surveyors Role >>

Contract Administration blog

Contract Administration provides administration services once construction commences – to assess and certify builders progress payments, determine whether materials and workmanship comply with contract documents, authorise any contract variations and time extensions and notify the builder of any faults. It is essential your working drawings and / or specification documents are as detailed as possible. … Read More Contract Administration blog >>

Defect Liability Period Blog

The defect liability period refers to the period of time described in your building contract at the completion of your home extension, where the builder is required to rectify the outstanding issues identified by the building surveyor, the owner or owner’s advocate (eg a building consultant). They are generally minor faults and do not stop … Read More Defect Liability Period Blog >>

Choosing a builder blog

As one of the most potentially expensive services you’re likely to pay for in your lifetime, make sure you thoroughly check out your builder before you sign anything. First, compile a list of builders you would consider using. Ask friends, neighbours or even people in your street, who have recently built, for their recommendations. Contact … Read More Choosing a builder blog >>