Building Surveyors

Since the dramatic landslip at a construction site in Mount Waverley investigations have revealed that in the past six years dozens of surveyors have been reprimanded and fined or had their registration suspended or cancelled. There is an inherent conflict of interest in having private building surveyors assess building documentation and construction work while they … Read More Building Surveyors >>

Plumbers and Certificates

Once they have completed their work a licensed plumber is to issue a compliance certificate. Always use a licensed plumber for any installation, repairs or renovations involving gas work. This not only applies to jobs like installing hot water systems and heaters, but also where renovations might involve disconnection or relocation of gas appliances. Don’t … Read More Plumbers and Certificates >>

Exterior Lightweight Cladding

Exterior cladding is an insulator of both noise and heat. It can assist in keeping the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter whilst reducing power consumption and ultimately your energy bills. Architects and draftsmen are using a mix of materials, textures and colours to create feature walls and beautiful visual and textural facades … Read More Exterior Lightweight Cladding >>

Builders Suspended and Fined

A builder has been reprimanded and had his registration suspended for four months after he demanded payment for the frame stage before the work was completed, and also failed to complete the domestic building work in the agreed timeframe. Domestic builder Peter Hall, of Bella Haven Homes Pty Ltd, was hired to build a house … Read More Builders Suspended and Fined >>

Box Gutter and Overflow Design

Failing to install appropriately designed box gutters and correctly sized and positioned overflow devices can lead to serious damage to buildings and contents, often resulting in hefty insurance claims. Box gutters must be designed and installed so they comply with the following general installation requirements. Box gutters must: be straight (without a change of direction); … Read More Box Gutter and Overflow Design >>

Plans & Planning Permits

To turn your initial ideas into workable designs, you basically have two options to choose from. A design & construct builder can provide you with plans, permits, a soil report as well as construction in their services to you. While the designs are not necessarily ‘architecturally creative’ their prices are generally the lowest. On the … Read More Plans & Planning Permits >>

The Building Process Blog

Building a new home, house extension or renovation is a huge undertaking – financially and emotionally. It’s essential to understand the various stages involved in the process. Stage 1 You need to decide whether to use an architect or draftsperson or a design and construct building company for your Design Drawings. These drawings will probably … Read More The Building Process Blog >>

Working Drawings blog

The working drawings contain the final details of your new extension or renovation. They are the documents provided to builders to quote on and used to obtain a building permit. They should include floor plans, elevations and perspectives and may also include details about the materials to be used in your project, including particulars on … Read More Working Drawings blog >>